Amputee Nigerian Lawyer, Oghenewaire Nikoro Makes A Case For Inclusion Following Her Experience At A Nail Salon

A Nigerian lawyer, Oghenewaire Nikoro who had quite an experience at a salon took to social media to subtly make a case for inclusion. When Nikoro who is an amputee at the arm walked into a nail salon to get her nails done, the stylist seemed confused and her reception was unwelcoming, Nikoro noted.

She goes on to say in her post that people often look down on physically challenged people and think they do not deserve to live the kind of life they want for themselves. When that happens, Nikolo says it is your duty to put your foot down and politely insist on what you want.

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She wrote:


Pls tell Nail stylist that we fix nails too.

Me entering into a hair dressing saloon

Stylist : Good Afternoon ma

Me: Good afternoon also

Stylist : what service can I render to you today

Me: I want to fix my nails

Stylist : MA??? ( Looking at my hands and still not understanding my request)

Me: Ma, don’t you fix ladies nails here.?

Stylist : yes, we do but….

Me: but what ma?? (In a calm tone) I said I want to fix my nails, something simple and short.

SILENCE as every one in the saloon turned staring at ME.


Nail stylist started fixing my nails.

Me: Ma, please can i Know how much this will cost ?

Stlylist apprentice: it’s…. naira for both hands ma

Me:ok Ma, plz divide it by 2 ma

Stylist apprentice: it’s…naira ma.

Me:( smiling) so it means am paying for one hand then?

apprentice:( staring at me) ok ma.


Sometimes People assume that you don’t deserve to do things same way as others in the society.

But always state what u want calmly..(They will get the message )

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See the screenshot below:

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