Dear MIMsters: My Mum Has Crossed A Red Line. How Do I Put Her In Her Place?

I’m running mad because of my mum and I might do something really stupid if not properly handled. My mum has crossed a huge red line. I need advice on how to put her in her place.

My mum is very fond of demanding for money from her children and if we don’t give her, she makes it look as if she will die. We, her children, are all struggling in our different fields and she doesn’t seem to understand that.

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Everybody knows that my mum is a reckless spender and when she asks and we don’t give her, she’ll start reporting us to her friends in church, telling them that we are ungrateful. She would even remind us of all the sacrifices she has made for us and she will start crying.

Since last year December, she has been asking me for one 100k, saying that she wants to use the money to start a poultry. The building is already there oh, all she needs money for is to buy the chicks, their feed and to probably clean the place. I told her point blank that I don’t have that kind of money due to the fact that we’re currently renovating the house, but she is still insisting.

She made mention of this matter in front of my fiance when he came visiting and that one sent her N150k, in the name of doing good son in law. Then this previous week when I was with my fiance, he asked me if my mum had asked me for any money lately that I didn’t give her. I told him no and asked why him why he is asking me that question. He just said nothing that he’s just asking.

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I started suspecting a foul play, so I went went through his bank messages and saw that he has been sending money to my mum. I also saw a message from my mum asking him for a particular amount of money, telling him to help her out.

What the heck!!! My dad must not heat of this rubbish that is going on. Before he does, I want to go and see her now and tell her words that I might regret for the rest of my life. Why is she doing this to someone who has not even married me yet. What sort of insult is this?

How should I handle this?

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