Funke Akindele’s Husband, JJC Skillz Reaffirms Their Love, Shares Video Of A Cleric’s Secret To A Happy Marriage

Rasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz, the husband of star actress Funke Akindele has professed his undying love for the mum-of-two in a new Instagram post. He posted a caption reassuring his wife of his commitment to their marriage alongside an interesting video of an Imam sharing the secret to a happy marriage.

In the video shared by JJC Skillz, the Imam is seen granting an interview broadcast on Eman Channel. The cleric said:

“If my wife were to phone me now and tell me, ‘move to the left.’ I’d move to the left even if there’s no place. Out of love. That’s it. So what? If that makes her happy, it makes her happy. 

“You know, people might say this guy is a chicken. I don’t mind being called a chicken. I’ll even quack quack for you a little bit, so long as she’s happy. Mashallah

“Yeah, if that’s what makes your marriage, let it be.

The cleric reiterated:

“I’m telling you and I know that you might be surprised. It’s a reality.”

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Reacting to the video, JJC wrote

”Very simple.  HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE  @funkejenifaakindele I’ve got you 24 Hours. 24/7 Til the end of time”

Watch the video:

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