Love & Hip-Hop Star, Alexis Sky Shares On Loving Her Daughter, Alaiya, Despite Her Disability

Love & Hip-hop television star and mum, Alexis Sky took to Instagram to speak about being a mother to a special needs child. The American reality TV personality has a daughter who she says is fathered by rapper Fetty Wap.

Her daughter, Alaiya Grace who was born on January 4, 2018, three months before her due date also had at birth a condition called hydrocephalus  also known as water on the brain. Alaiya is thought to have had as many as four surgeries before her first birthday.

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Hydrocephalus is a condition in which an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) occurs within the brain. The 25-year-old mum took to Instagram to declare her unflinching love for her daughter whom she says she’s proud of despite her disabilities.

She shared a photo of herself cradling Alaiya and another of the child alone and wrote:

”I been holding my baby TIGHT since the day she was born . And I will hold her tight for the rest of her life.

I’m A Mom First , and no matter her disabilities imma always be by her side . You are beautiful LayLay and I love you forever ! 

I’m a proud mother of a my child that has a disability !!! Shout out to all the other women in the world that have children with disabilities.”

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