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Relationship Blogger/Mum, Blessing Okoro Spills On Why Women Should Give Tough Love To The Broke Men In Their Lives

Relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro has warned women against providing for men out of a desperation to get married. Blessing who has a dedicated following on Instagram is the CEO of popular relationship blog ‘Break or Makeup” where she advocates healthy relationships with the aim to educate and help young people enjoy and understand love in their relationships.

In a recent post she shared on her Instagram,the mum-of-two stated that women have no business shouldering financial responsibilities in their relationships or marriages, and that when they do, they are going against the order of nature. She posited that when women readily take up financial responsibilities in their relationships, they emasculate men.

In one of her posts, she wrote:

”If you make them too comfortable
You make them too lazy .
If you love them , push them both with words and action .
Bitter leaf is more medicinal than ice cream ……”

You can assist she says but you should never lead in the fulfilment of financial obligations and if you love your broke man so much, you should motivate him with tough love instead of taking over his responsibilities.

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Following up on her advice, the controversial mum made a video reiterating her stance. She said:

“Women stop providing for men. Stop being so desperate for marriage by giving them money. You have made them constantly lazy and they have become boys.

Allow a man take up his responsibility to provide. That is his job. A man sole responsibility to provide.”

she warned.

“A man is built to provide. Take away provision from a man, he is a boy. If a man cannot provide, he is a boy. And a boy only bothers about who he will sleep with since he is jobless.

Even if he is not financially buoyant, let there be an attempt from him before you assist,”

she added.

Watch the video:

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