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Veteran Actress, Toyin Afolayan (Lola Idije) Tells How Her Children Prevented Her From Getting Married After Her Husband’s Death

Veteran Nollywood actress Toyin Afolayan popularly known as Lola Idije has shared why she has remained single all these years after losing her husband. According to the talented actress and mum-of-two, at the time her husband died, she had three children and did not think that there was a man who would accept her with her kids or if her kids would be allowed to enjoy quality care if she even found a man who accepted them.

Talking about why she is yet to remarry after the death of her husband in a recent interview, the 61-year-old mum said she didn’t think about giving marriage a second shot because she was concerned it might affect her children’s welfare.

“I didn’t remarry because of my kids. I don’t think there will be too many men who will be interested in marrying you with three kids.

The new husband might not like to have the kids live with us and there would be some problems that will happen as a result of them living with us

and I can’t compare my kids with anything in this world and I decided to stay with them and forget the idea of marrying another man.

I am happy I was able to take care of them with the help of God,”

she said.

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On having just female children, Lola Idije stated that she believes she has been destined to give birth to only girls so she isn’t bothered about not having a male child.

The 61 year old further revealed that she had a male child for her late husband but lost him as a baby. Lola Idije confessed that the death of her male child is the saddest thing that ever happened to her.

Regardless, the popular actress is grateful to God that her female children are doing well.

In her words,

“There is nothing wrong about all of them being girls. It’s God that gives children and anyone He gives you, you just have to thank Him because you can’t create anything let alone a child.

I am always a happy mother, I am contented with what God has done in my life.”

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