This Dating Advice By Preacher, Wesley Adi Is Getting A Thumbs Up From Married And Single Folks

Dating can be quite a sport and it can really be hard to tell who is for you or who is not. A lot of mind games and trickery but then again, there’s the type that feels right but never quite amounts to much. A Twitter user who is particular about relationships has figured it out for singles in a succinct but widely approved posts that has earned a lot of likes and retweets. Twitter user, Wesley Adi in his post about purposeful relationships said dating is a scam and that the length of a relationship has no bearing to its fruitfulness.

The preacher shared that men typically already know what they want in a relationship and can tell from the get-go if they want to commit to a particular woman they’ve recently met; if he is stalling, that’s your cue he doesn’t want you.

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Read what he wrote:

Dating is really a scam. It’s either he wants to marry you or not. You ever seen how fast a man acts when they find what they’re looking for? Women take a bit longer to decide. If a man is stalling it’s either he’s not that into you or he’s trying to compromise.

The whole “getting to know eachother” narrative is also a sham. You never really get to know anybody enough to commit your life to them. People develop new emotions/triggers/reactions overtime. That’s why couples who were together 20+yrs divorce all the time. Love is a choice.

Stop wasting peoples time!

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