Twitter User, @Nelie_Whyte Narrates How A Simple Pastime Led Her To Meeting Her Husband

A Twitter user has narrated how she met her husband in 2011 on the micro-blogging app. The Nigerian woman, @Nelie_Whyte, who lives in Dublin, Ireland, said she had a lot of time on her hands in 2011 and would ask her followers to send their numbers via DM so she would call the first two people whenever she was bored.

She had been doing that for a while until one day, when the man who would later become her husband sent his number. She would not normally call the third person to send their number, but for some odd reason, she called his number, even though, he was the third person to send his number.

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The call lasted for hours and that was the beginning of their love story.

She wrote:

“We spoke at length that night and laughed like crazy that was the beginning of our story.”

She shared her story in response to a similar tweet asking:  “Who wants a call?”.

Read her full post below:

”This was how I met my husband. Full gist

I had a lot of time on my hands back then (2011) so whenever I’m bored, I’d tweet “Who wants me to call them, the first 2 or 3 people should dm their number” lol I would get a ton of DMs but I always stuck to the rule

On this particular night, I tweeted “the first two people to dm their numbers would be called”. I had spoken to two guys already when I got a message from my now husband with his phone number. He was the 3rd person

I wasn’t going to ring but the other two guys I had spoken to were awestruck that I rang them so we barely had any conversations and so I dialled the 3rd guy’s number (thank God o)

I ring him, he had a nice voice, he said he didn’t think I was going to ring. I told him I wasn’t as he’s the 3rd person and he shouldn’t have made the cut. Anyway sha, long story short we spoke at length that night and laughed like crazy, that was the beginning of our story

Sooo I actually wasn’t interested in a relationship at the time. I didn’t even save his number after that night until he rang one Sunday afternoon imagine me seeing a Nigerian number I was like “who’s is this?” I could feel his hurt that I hadn’t saved his number

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