Dear MIMsters: How Do I Tell These Family Friends, “NO”

How do I tell these family friends, “NO.”

I’ve been married for over a year and I’m close to my due date. In fact, I expect to give birth within the next two weeks.

Now, my husband has this friend in Nigeria who has a top banking position with his wife. He came with his wife and child late last year for vacation for a week and it was very stressful for me.

Now, he wants to come back with them and this time they don’t even know when they’ll be leaving. The man literally packed up his job saying he is tired of Nigeria. They quit their high paying jobs and want to come here without papers.

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The worst part is that they’re coming to stay in our house in this period where things are really hard for us as the baby’s needs, hospital appointments and home keeping has put us in debt, plus our apartment is so small, I even want a bigger place for the baby. Not to mention the health risk in the country.

We’re also planning for my mom to come but her visa is not ready yet. I’m not working so the burden is so hard on my husband who has to cater for everything. My husband doesn’t know how to say no. These people have money saved up but they don’t want to spend it and they choose to rather inconvenience us because they know my husband will not complain.

They have my number and didn’t say a single thing to me about this. They didn’t even ask if they can come to our house before buying tickets and making plans. They just called my husband out of the blues last week that they’ve sold all their things and that he should accommodate them till they get lucky and find a job.

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I have two degrees in engineering and it’s been so hard for me to find a job. I’ve been stressed and crying about this but now I’m ready to take any action to protect my sanity. Please advise me on what to do.

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