Facebook User, Mma Eka Warns Women To Desist From Provoking Their Men During The Lockdown To Prevent Domestic Violence

There is already concern that the COVID-19 isolation in most cities worldwide could create fertile ground for domestic abuse, and now, one Nigerian woman, identified simply as, Mma Eka on Facebook has laid a warning at the doorstep of women.

Mma, in a Facebook post told women to watch their tongues and not provoke their men to anger or violence while they are forced to spend longer periods together during this isolation period.

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Mma maintained that ‘the truth you know will set you free but it will first piss you off’ and advised women to bridle their tongues during the Coronavirus lockdown to reduce cases of domestic violence

Mma Eka wrote:

”I don’t subscribe to a man raising his hands on a woman for anything in the world but no woman should dare a man either. Everybody has an elastic limit, which if overstretched, breaks. 

Stop telling a man, you cannot do anything” what can you do? Do your worst ….these  are challenging words and no man wants to be challenged. Stop running your mouths like public taps.

Some women go as far as jumping on the man and holding his shirt, then her head on his chest, shouting kill me today, kill me today, what’s that?

Don’t be the reason, a gentleman loses his cool and regrets later. You see this compulsory vacation? Don’t do anyhow o, if you don’t want to see anyhow and if you think I’m giving men reasons to be violent, then you are delusional. Yesterday, I gave men tips on how to live peacefully with their wives this vacation, now it’s time to balance it up.

Yes, women are known to be loud mouthed, but reasonable women know when to shut it. There’s a saying that ” you can regret the words you spoke but you can’t regret the silence you kept.

Use wisdom often, it works better.

My name is Mma Eka, the truth you know will make you free but it will first piss you off!”

See the screenshot below:

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