Dear MIMsters: I Am Considering Making An Extreme Move Just To Get My Slobby Husband To Comply

I am 29 years old while my husband is 32. We moved to the US four years ago. We have a 2-year-old boy and we are expecting a baby in 6 weeks. I am considering making an extreme move just to get my slobby husband to comply with me. Please tell me if this would be the right thing to do, given the circumstances.

My husband doesn’t help with house chores at all, it’s really tiring and annoying. He leaves his plate when done eating. He leaves his dirty clothes on the couch or in the dining room. Sometimes, he leaves them with the clean clothes I want to fold.

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We both work though he earns more than me, and I am transparent about my little income. We both spend my income and his. He is not ready to change as I have complained several times about his attitude. “If you can’t help with the chores, then you should leave the house the way you met it.”

I am an introvert and when being treated badly, I hate it and unpleasant things run through my mind. I am beginning to dislike having sex with him because he irritates me. I’m like just satisfy yourself and get over me. How can you say you love someone and you remain insensitive to their feelings? I feel he does these things intentionally. I wouldn’t have married him if he was like this when we were dating.

Now, we are expecting a baby. The workload will be too much for me as I have to work, look after a toddler, a baby and an insensitive husband. How do I make him help me at home, please? I can’t stay in a dirty place and he doesn’t see that I’m unhappy.

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He is the type of man who believes house chores are meant for women. I run errands for the house, take my baby to a babysitter, go to work and I still have to cook when I get back late from work with my tired self and swollen feet even though he’s been at home all day. When he is home, he is either on his phone or playing games. I have no help here, it’s just us.

I have talked but he’s not ready to change. How long am I going to do this? I am not saying he must assist me but the days I am not at it, he should be helpful. I’m beginning to get depressed. Maybe I should fake passing out.

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  • My dear sis, there are some battle you need to fight on your knees , in other words talk to God, tell God you him to change and be sensitive to your filling, God’s voice will reach him when your own can’t reach him, speak words of prayer to love and care for you into his food and water, wake up in the middle of the night and and speak in prayer into his spirit man, to be a changed and loving man. People may say this is not prayer matter but I tell you, this is not beyond God. Good luck

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