Dear MIMsters: How A Married Man I Met On A Dating Site Treated Me

I met a married man on a dating site in November and we started dating. I’m single but he’s married with kids.

We usually meet in a hotel and he foots the bills. All he gives me is 2k for my transport. I fell so much in love with him not minding if he gives me money or not. He creates time for me out of his very busy schedule. He works in a bank and on his weekends, he stays with his family but he spends some weekends.

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There was a certain time that I was so financially handicapped that I had to ask him for money for the first time since we started dating. He told me he was also broke at that period and I forgot about it. I needed the money for something pressing, then. He never asked me afterward how I got the money.

Days later, I chatted him up and told him of how pained I was that I could ask him for something for the first time and all I could get was that kind of excuse from him. He flared up and refused to talk to me. I had to beg him before he could calm down.

This was someone if I had told him we should see that weekend, he would make it possible, book a hotel, and pay for food and all. I was with him at a time like that and he asked me to delete my account on that site where we met. I did that immediately.

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Two weeks ago, I was just playing around my phone and decided to open an account on the same site with a different ID and picture that was not mine. I know he is still on that site but he has changed his ID and removed his picture but I know he is the one. My spirit was telling me I should just keep my fingers crossed, he would come for me.

Two days ago, he chatted me up, the same format used for me then till he got to the place where he asked for my WhatsApp contact. I told him I don’t give out my contacts to faceless strangers. He said he intentionally didn’t put his picture there that if I get to see him on WhatsApp and don’t like his face, I am free to block him.

I was so mad and felt so betrayed! I couldn’t hold it any longer. I had to chat him up on WhatsApp and told him I am aware of his shit on that site that he doesn’t know he has chatted me differently at different times. He flared up again, lambasting me telling me who told me he was the one. I told him I have my proofs. It was then he said he was the one and so. He told me the last time his wife tried this kind of thing with him, she almost landed in her father’s house. Then, I rested my case. That someone who could do that to his wife, who am I to challenge him of infidelity? I didn’t say a word to him afterwards. I was so heartbroken.

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He chatted me up this morning and all he could say was, it’s my choice if I still wish to remain with him but I should be ready to bear the consequences of my actions because he doesn’t forget things easily. I told him he should enjoy himself that I quit. I hope I made the right decision?

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“Dear MIMsters: How A Married Man I Met On A Dating Site Treated Me”
  • Hhmm, you don’t need our opinions to validate your point madam. But I think you should put a stop to the relationship as you suggested in your post.

  • The administrators do not allow us to speak how we really feel, so there is little to say. Madam read your own post and find out what sort of person you are.

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