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OAP, Kaylah Oniwo Forced To Share Private Information About Her Body And Health After A Fan Made An Unappealing Comment

Talented OAP, Kaylah Oniwo recently had a clash with one of her followers on Instagram but there’s a question as to who is more morally correct in the situation.

The Cool FM Radio girl had posted a photo of herself having fun in Dubai, wearing a bikini. A female follower noticed her protruded tummy and concluded that Kaylah was pregnant.

The fan under her username marvyzinny went ahead to congratulate the media personality over her ‘baby bump’. Kaylah who found the gesture distasteful replied that she isn’t pregnant but that she has fibroids. She went on to say, it has not been an easy journey coping with the challenges of the condition and advised the fan to not take it upon herself to make comments about anyone’s body since she has no idea what’s going on in there.

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Read their exchange below and see screenshots after:

marvyzinny wrote:

I see baby bump…congrats

The OAP replied:

hi , it’s not a baby bump , so let me educate you . It’s not right to make comments about anyone’s body when you have absolutely no clue about what’s going on in there , FYI , I have fibroids and it’s not an easy journey so next time you see something, please keep your comments to yourself . Cheers

When the follower insisted that she had good intentions, the OAP replied:

There was a need to educate you because I didn’t announce I was pregnant. I’ve sent my message across and I hope you apply it next time.

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