When Your Husband Is Doing It With The Maid: Nollywood Actress, Kehinde Olorunyomi Points Out Major Sign

Nollywood actress, Kehinde Olorunyomi took to Twitter and Instagram to point out to wives, a major sign their husbands might be sleeping with the maid.

The mum-of-two also shared that the onus lies on the woman of the house to discipline a female help but where the husband appears to be taking up that role quite gleefully and begins to discipline excessively, he may be trying to mask his affair with the help, the actress opined.

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Wives should, therefore, be vigilant and spot the signs early, says Olorunyomi.

She tweeted:

When your husband beats your house help too much, be vigilant my sister, he is sleeping with her or the girl is proving difficult to sleep with.

The actress added on Instagram:

When you employ a female help, the onus is on the woman of the house to correct and sometimes discipline the help.

But when your husband is on this train and is in total charge, in fact he loves to be the one to cane the girl, be vigilant my sister! My 2 kobo.

Have a beautiful weekend! Freedom is coming tomorrow!!!

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