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A Finance Attorney, Moe Odele, Explains Why She Thinks Giving The Silent Treatment Is Not Exactly A Bad Thing. Do You Agree?

Finance attorney, Moe Odele who also happens to be passionate about relationships is of the opinion that the silent treatment is not as bad as it is touted to be and she explains why.

When it comes to relationships (including marriages), communication is no doubt the staying power, but sometimes communicating isn’t equally expressed by the parties involved and this could cause a major strain on the relationship. The silent treatment is a well-known communication gag in relationships; it is often deemed a form of abuse or emotional manipulation that stresses the partner who is on the receiving end.

According to the Tech lawyer, a partner may withdraw into their shell after a misunderstanding because they need time to process their feelings and articulate their words so they don’t say the wrong things.

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She explained that people are different and everyone needs to learn the communication style of their partner. She argues that guilt-tripping your partner for being quiet when they are hurt instead of showing understanding could force them to reconcile hastily only to raise the matter after they have fully processed it.

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People give silent treatment a bad rap and rightly so. But there should be room for people who take time to process what they are feeling before expressing it.

And that’s fine too. If your partner is like that, show understanding by giving them space.

Just because someone is processing doesn’t automatically mean they are giving you silent treatment. I’m like that.

And I’ve found that people who are instance communicators hardly extend to me the patience they want me to extend to them. They want you to talk at their own time.

Then they make matters worse by accusing me of giving the silent treatment. And then I’m like “okay cool” and they get mad again.

Then I’m like “okay I’ll leave to take my space” and they get mad x10. So instance communicators also have a share in the break down of communication.

If I try my best to get over it in the moment just so I won’t be accused of giving silent treatment, I have the tendency to bring it up later when I am finally ready to talk about it.

They interpret my earlier attitude as being over it & then are mad I bring it up later. Sighs.

Just know the communication style of your partner and be ready to meet in the middle. Don’t force people to have conversations just because you are ready to have those conversations. Shalom.

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