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Author/Dad, Reno Omokri, Tells Bachelors One Way To Spot The Wrong Woman For Them

Ex-presidential aide, author and critic, Reno Omokri is at it again, dishing his nuggets for marriage and relationships. The dad-of-two is addressing bachelors in his latest post and he wants them to be aware how to discern what woman will make for a good companion based on her lifestyle and income.

According to Reno, women who live a lavish lifestyle with no commensurate source of income, can’t be the one. He further advised men to marry a partner who adds value and not a partner who consumes value. Reno maintained that women who have an expensive taste for material things without a verifiable source of income to fund such taste are not worthy partners.

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Reno also suggested that women who fall in the category he mentioned are likely the devil’s ploy to end any such man who marries them.

Reno wrote;

Dear men, A woman with:

* Car
* Human hair
* iPhone
* Jewellery
* Designer
* Expensive shoes and
* High taste in food

but, no rich family, job, or business commensurate to her lavish lifestyle, CANNOT be the one, except satan wants to END you! ?Marry a PARTNER, not a PANTHER. A PARTNER is a SPOUSE that adds value to you. A PANTHER is a TOUT that consumes the value in you. LOOK before you LEAP, or you will RUE and WEEP. MARRIAGE to a PANTHER is DAMAGE, not MARRIAGE!?

See a screenshot of his post below

A lady with no commensurate source of income for her lavish lifestyle, can?t be the one except Satan wants to end you - Reno Omokri says! Lol

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