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First Time Mum, 68-Year-Old Margaret Adenuga Reveals Why She Kept Trying For A Baby

A 68-year-old Nigerian woman made local and international news last week after she became a mother for the first time ever. Margaret Adenuga and her husband Noah, who is 77, got married in 1974 and always wanted children of their own but it never happened for them.

Even after many failed attempts, the couple never gave up. Margaret underwent three IVF procedures before finally conceiving of twins and delivering them without incidence last week after 44 years of marriage.

In a new interview with PUNCH’s Gbenro Adeoye, the new mum has opened up on the challenges she faced before becoming a mum, her conviction to continue trying for her desire to carry her own children and how she and her husband resolved by their faith to not die childless.

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When asked how she felt when she realized she was pregnant and when she eventually had twins after being childless for over four decades, Mrs Margaret replied saying

“I was very happy throughout the period I was pregnant up until when I delivered. I was very strong, I did not fall ill at all while I was pregnant and till I delivered.

I was surprised myself. I thank God. People were saying, ‘Mama, you are very strong.’ I was wondering how that was possible.

The only thing I felt was that the two of them made me heavy; that was the only feeling I had during the period. I couldn’t move my body easily or smartly, I was heavy.”

“My tummy was very small so some people were surprised when I had twins. They said ‘from that small tummy?’ How were you able to cope with the pain that came with the CS? It went on smoothly. The doctors also said ‘Mama, you are very strong’. They didn’t sedate me so I saw everything they were doing in the theatre. They were all praising me. I thank God; it was not by my power.”

She added:

“I had faith. I didn’t lose hope. I never lost hope for once. I always told my husband that we would not die like this; that was my motto.

I knew we would see our children before we would die. He too had faith and he always told me not to worry, that God would do it for me.

I put my faith in God.”

She revealed.

When asked the worst kind of pressure she faced and if she lost hope at anytime, she said:

“I only focused on God because there was nothing I could do. Only God could do it. I didn’t put pressure on myself, I continued to pray. I didn’t bother myself. I knew God would do it and He has done it.”

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