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How 7-Year-Old Boy, Nasir Striggs, Beat The Coronavirus & Pneumonia Despite Being A Sickle Cell Carrier

A Maryland boy with sickle cell disease is winning his fight against COVID-19 after suffering serious complications. Nasir Striggs, seven, was hospitalized in early April after his mom noticed he was having trouble breathing, according to WBAL-TV news station.

The young boy with sickle cell anemia is close to a full coronavirus recovery — after he received three blood transfusions.

His mother, DeShannon Striggs took her 7-year-old son, Nasir, to Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital last month after he started having trouble breathing. He tested positive for COVID-19, and an X-ray revealed he had pneumonia on both of his lungs.

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While battling the virus, the young boy also needed three blood transfusions due to his underlying medical condition. Sickle cell patients often have a low number of red blood cells. The disease also interferes with the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and can lead to anemia.

“To watch him go through that, it was really scary,”

Striggs told WBAL-TV.

 Deshannon Striggs said Nasir had to get three blood transfusions because of his state

The mum said Nasir finally bounced back, thanks to a lot of prayer and the dedicated medical staff who took care of her son.

“Keep the faith, just keep the faith.  That’s the message: Keep the faith,”

she said.

Doctors are still monitoring Nasir via telehealth appointments as he recovers at home. They said he’s doing great.

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