Author/Dad, Reno Omokri, Shares His Take On What It Means To Have A Child Outside Wedlock

Ex-presidential aide, author and critic, Reno Omokri has some thoughts on what the implication is when a person brings a child into the world without marriage. The opinionated dad shared one of his relationship nuggets again on his Twitter page positing that binging a baby into the world without a marriage is wicked.

Omokri made his opinion known in a tweet where he chastised single mums who think being a baby mama is a job.

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He wrote:

Being a baby mama is not a job. If you want an income, go get a job, instead of getting pregnant.

Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income, is a wicked thing to do.

A child is not a means to a livelihood”.

See the screenshot below:

Bringing a baby into the world without a marriage, is wicked ...

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