Dear MIMsters: How Being Financially Needy Would Have Scarred Me For Life

I was very financially needy when I was in University because I had no source of income. My father had passed on when I was a teenager and my mum could barely cope with the needs of 4 children, so I knew I had to rough it out by myself.

One way I got by was by first trusting God and making myself available to help Aunties and Uncles (not related by blood) by running all kinds of errands for them since people are always looking for people to send around. I was a very smart and hardworking girl so they often called on me and when they needed me and if I was lucky, they would give me a tip. Then I did little jobs here and there. But it wasn’t easy.

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One time when I was in school, I needed money urgently for a project at school, so I called an uncle in the church (again, not a blood relation) to tell him about it and asked if he could give me the money. It was N5k. He told me to come to his office to collect it. We had no bank transfer then as we have now. So, I traveled down to Lagos to return the next day. My plan was to go to his office, collect the money, and leave immediately for Uni but that wasn’t to be.

I got to his office and he kept me waiting. I waited and waited and waited until everyone left, except for me and him. He then called me into his main office where he grabbed me. I broke his hold and ran around the table to get away from him and that’s how he chased around his table. He kept chasing me round and round the table until I grabbed my bag and made my escape out of his office.

I was disappointed, angry but at the same time, I felt victorious. I looked up to God and said, “Lord, I know you will take care of me.” I wiped my tears and felt happy again. Now, I don’t remember how I got the money to return to school but the rest is history. This happened when I was about 21 or so.

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I turned 40 recently and threw a lavish birthday party and this uncle was invited. He gave me an envelope as a gift. I opened and I saw a check of the sum of 5ok. There was no name written on the check. I gave the check to my assistant at the office and told her to cash it and keep it. I certainly do not need his money now because God has blessed me beyond my dreams. I am married to the best man there is who gives everything and I own a successful business.

Young women, I know times are hard. It has always been. It was hard then and it is hard now but those times will not last if you make the right decisions as you go. Do not let anyone defile you because you have needs you think they can meet. One way or the other, those needs will be met without you having to make demeaning compromises and you would be glad you said no.

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