COVID-19: Experts Explain Why It Is Critical For Couples To Wear Face Masks During Sex At This Time

Given the current scenario around the world, experts have ruled that sex is risky at this time, and have, therefore,  urged  that couples wear face masks during intercourse in order to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Aside wearing face mask during sex, experts at Harvard University, in a new study titled Sexual Health in the SARS-CoV-2 Era, also recommend showering before and after sex, avoiding sex acts that involve the oral transmission of bodily fluids, and cleaning up the sex area afterward with wipes.

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The report published in Annals of Internal Medicine, also recommend people should reduce their number of sexual partners and avoid sex with people who show symptoms like fever, cough, fatigue, and loss of taste or smell.

According to the guide, abstinence, masturbation, and sexual activity using digital platforms carry the lowest risk for infection with COVID-19.

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