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Nigerian Doctor, Urchilla Dean, Lists Reasons Why Igbo Parents Are Right To Frown At Their Children Marrying From Other Ethnic Groups

A Nigerian doctor, Dr. Urchilla Dean has waded into the conversation ignited by a Twitter influencer’s disclosure that her marriage plans failed because the mother of her Igbo boyfriend would not approve of their relationship because she is Yoruba.

She further shared that she and her boyfriend will have to end their 2-year romance leaving her heartbroken and finding it hard to move on.

Dr. Urchilla Dean, however, stepped in in defense of Igbo parents who stop their children from marrying outside their ethnic group, stating reasons why their bias is justified.

According to Urchilla, these parents are the ones who experienced the civil war and the deep hatred and divide which was fostered by other tribes after the war.

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He also pointed out that there is a lot of difference in traditional beliefs and practices between the different tribes in Nigeria.

He tweeted;

I’m tired of seeing people express disgust when they read stories about igbo parents rejecting marriages for their children to other tribes! I’m really tired of it!

These parents are the ones that experienced the civil war! These parents are the ones that grew up in the deep hatred & divide that followed the war, fostered by other tribes!

Stop blaming them for rejecting inter-tribal marriages! They have the right to the paranoia that they express! If you’re lucky to have an igbo person whose parents don’t mind, or who’s strong enough to fight for both of you, then thank God for you; but by all means stop blaming these parents!

Again, it’s obvious there’s a lot of difference in traditional beliefs & practices between the different tribes of Nigeria!

The way marriage is patterned in Nigeria, you’re not only getting married to your spouse, you’re also getting married into or to their family!

Don’t blame them for taking care to ensure they have in-laws who have the same values as them! Please dead this criticism, it’s all so cliche now! Also, if you’re dating someone, discuss these things!

Don’t wait till after 6 years of courtship & realise the family don’t want another tribe! Stop shooting yourselves in the damn foot! Urrggghh!

A lot of comments here just show that you people don’t understand that marriage is an “institution”. You think it’s just to find one person your heart is doing kikum kikum for & rush to altar E go shock you

See a screenshot of Urchilla’s post: 

Nigerian doctor defends Igbo parents who stop their children from marrying outside their ethnic group

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