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What You Should Do When Your Newborn Son’s Urine Does Not Flow Out As It Should; Dr Nonso Egemba Counsels Parents

A medical practitioner Dr. Chinoso Egemba has shared a vital tip for new parents. The Twitter-famous doctor in a short thread addressed what parents should do when they notice  that their baby boy’s urine does not flow out as it should. The doctor explained the possible cause of such anomaly and what inexperienced parents are to do.

Egemba explained also a number of possible adverse health effects that may arise when the poor flow of urine is not effectively addressed in baby boys.

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Read his full post:

Here’s a tip for new parents. If you notice your baby boy’s urine does not flow out as strong as it should. It might be because there’s a flap of tissue blocking it. Backlog of urine can damage that baby’s kidneys. Please see your doctor. Share to help someone’s baby

This can happen because there is an extra flap of tissue in the tube in the the baby’s penis, this extra flap makes it difficult for urine to properly flow out It then flows back, constant backflow can cause swelling of the tubes and kidneys that may eventually damage them

See the original thread:

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