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Nigerian Mum, Adenike Odubawo Shares On The Circumstances That Forced Her To Run From Her Marriage

A woman took to Twitter to narrate how she ran away from her marriage when it seemed like her life was on the line. Adenike, a cosmetologist, shared her story while reacting to the death of Olamide Alli, who was murdered by her fiancé before he committed suicide over the weekend.

Adenike said in her case, her ex-husband didn’t show signs that he was capable of hurting her. She added that they had a wonderful relationship until they got married. After marriage, she said he became jealous of her and of her achievements. She said her success made him angry so she quit her job and pumped her savings into his business, yet he wasn’t happy.

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Adenike said she left the marriage late one night when she got wind of his plan to kill her. She claims he had narrated in details how he intended to kill her. She says she’s grateful she left her abusive partner before it was too late.

Read her thread below:

My ex and I had a wonderful relationship has friends, he was the best friend I had till we got married. The hate was unexplainable, i thought maybe he was broke, i invested in his business, resigned at mine and joined him to manage business, yet I was termed Bossy.

Proud, he said he hates the fact that I am strongly opinionated, but his decisions always put us in debt and need all the time, he fights that I’m richer than him, he said he hates that I’m happy. I stayed, always praying and forgiving him, i became miserable.

One day, he went out early to inform those I respect to tell me to leave the house hence he’d kill me, he described how he will go about it, i got that message at 8pm that night and moved out that night. Guess what, some people blamed me for leaving.

Reading about Olamide brought the memories back. I thank God I left that night. Maybe, just maybe……. If you come across this tweet, for no reason should you stay in an abusive marriage. LEAVE.

See Adenike’s original post:


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