Nigerian Dad, Chidi Okafor Explains Why He Gave Up On Carrying Out DNA Tests On His Four Children

A man who wanted to carry out DNA tests for all four of his kids has changed his mind and chose instead to “claim them with faith.” The Nigerian dad, Chidi Okafor, said he became “restless” when the issue of paternity tests kept coming up on Facebook. He then decided to get his kids tested when his wife was not around.

The dad-of-four revealed that he prepared his children to go for the DNA test after his wife left for work, but when he got to the General hospital, he had to give up on his quest after they told him what the cost for the test was per child.

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Okafor said in his Facebook post that he has accepted that all four of his kids are biologically is by ‘faith’.

Sharing his story on Facebook, he wrote:

Ever since DNA issue raised up, I became restless

Just yesterday morning immediately after my wife left to work, I quickly prepare my four children, drove them to a general hospital far away from home for DNA,

After reading all the comments and the manner people talked about this yesterday , I thought it was going to cost nothing,

Not until I was told the cost for each

I gently took my kids back to car and claim them with Faith

See a screenshot of the post below:

Man explains why he gave up on carrying out DNA tests on his 4 kids and chose to "claim them with faith"

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