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Dear MIMsters: What Is My Sin? I Need Help Figuring Out This Matter That Has Drained Me

I need help figuring out this matter that has drained me emotionally and psychologically.

I met the father of my kids in 2015 and while dating, we had a set of twin boys in 2017. An introduction was done and we moved in together but he never went back with and his family never went back to see my parents complete the marriage rites.

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While living together, we started to have non stop frictions due to his constant cheating and more. He got involved with a particular woman whom I complained tirelessly of to his family and anyone who could give me ears. I became mentally depressed dealing with the kids with no help from no one.

The frictions continued and on one faithful day, we argued and he decided we take a break off our relationship for a period of a year to ease of tension. Four months into the break, he got engaged to the other woman I had complained about.

However, he never did admit his engagement to me. Instead, he would come around to see me and the children almost every day to the extent of having a key to our house.

Soon, we started discussing our issues and all that transpired and led to our separation. We ended up making love. This made me start to believe that God had restored my home.

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Fast forward to a couple of months later, I found out that I was pregnant again. I thought this pregnancy would help to resolve everything and we would help rekindle our relationship and we’ll just do the right thing and raise our kids.

I notified him of the pregnancy and straight, he left. He said that he is not ready for another child at this point and begged me for an abortion but I refused. I told him that I am keeping the child. Then, I went to his family to announce my pregnancy.

It was then I found out that he had already gone to the village of this other woman to start the process of her marital rites to marry her.

I am shattered, emotionally, and psychologically.

He has instructed his family to cut ties with me, and sadly, they all have. Even his own mother has stopped checking on her grandchildren. Instead, they have built and fostered a relationship with the other woman, leaving me with 2 boys and a 4 months pregnancy!

This man hasn’t checked up on his sons for about 3 months now, not to talk about me. Neither has he sent a dime for the children’s well-being. I have moved to a family friend and coping with my children, but I am hurting!

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What is my sin? Now, I don’t know if I should abort this pregnancy because I can’t deal anymore with all the shame and pain that it has brought me and my family. I am drained!

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