Nigerian Woman, Ukwu Ose Publicly Gives Reasons Why She Loathes Her Mom And Never Wants To Have Kids

An aggrieved Nigerian woman, Okwu Ose, has taken to social media to give reasons why she loathes his biological mother and can never be proud of her.

Okwu Ose had a bitter childhood experience as a result of the ill-treatment meted out to her by her abusive mother. She went on to reveal that she never wants to have kids because she doesn’t want to treat them the same way her mother treated her.

Ose made this revelation while defending Chidera, the Nigerian boy who went viral when he was filmed destroying his parents’ home after which he said his family is dead to him.

Reacting, Ose narrated her own experience growing up with her mother. In her words, her mother once used a pestle to break her head, adding that she eventually ran away from home to escape abuse as the atmosphere at her home made her fall into depression.

She went further to reveal that after she ran away, she realized she didn’t need her anti-depressants anymore. Ose added that her mother was abused by her own parents and she took it out on her kids.

As a result, she is scared of having kids of her own to avoid taking out the abuse she suffered from her mother on them.

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Read her tweets about parental abuse below;

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Back to Chidera’s story. The teenage Nigerian boy was recently filmed in a viral video trashing his mother’s house.

In the viral video, the boy is seen opening foodstuffs in the kitchen and pouring them on the floor. He ignored those trying to reason with him.

The mother of the boy who shared her own side of the story in the video said he demanded some documents including “P21” passport which he claimed he needed for a university program. She said he went into a rage when she didn’t give him. However one of the eyewitnesses stated that he doesn’t need any of the documents he demanded.

The boy’s mom added that after she ignored him, he forcefully took her documents which she retrieved. He subsequently began breaking things in the house and also pouring food items on the floor.

When asked why he scattered his parents home by one of those who turned up at the scene of the incident, the boy replied by saying “he will get his mother’s attention by scattering the house”.

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The teen, who lives in Ireland with his family, recently shared his side of the story. He said his mother attacked him first but hers wasn’t captured on video.

Narrating what happened, he said the issue between him and his mum has been on for a while. He claimed that his mum is abusive and violent and he lives in fear. He added that he sometimes sleeps with his mattress by the door out of fear that his mother might carry out her threat on his life.

He said at some point, things got so bad that she wasn’t talking to him or feeding him. He also claimed she threw him out of the house about a month ago and the social workers and Gardai had to get involved. During the period he was kicked out of home, he said he was moved to so many places.

Later, he was advised to make things work with his mother, so he went back home together with some social workers. While at home, he asked for his passport to fill out college applications but his mother was not cooperative.

He said the people who escorted him home to make peace with his mother were there at the time and he told them that he was going to the kitchen to make himself a meal. While in the kitchen, he said his mother asked him who gave him permission to take her food. He claimed she attacked him, poured pepper in his eyes, hit him with a mop stick, and other things.

In anger, as he could not hit his mother back, he decided to destroy things in the house.

He said he is done with his family, including his father and brothers. He further stated that he feels nothing but hatred and disgust for them. He wrote:

“I feel nothing towards this family other than pure disgust and hatred for the way they all treated me ( my brothers and fathers included) And I don’t think I can ever bring myself to ever reconcile with them .. I have changed my number and deleted all contact with them.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is fine But as of now the family is dead to me and all I’m focused on is my future and college. Again I would like to sincerely thank everyone who knew that there was more to the story and knew the truth and supported me.”

Read his entire tweets below…


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