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See Why These Nigerian Men Think Their Mothers Shouldn’t Remarry If Their Fathers Pass Away

Some Nigerian men have taken to Twitter to share why they think their mothers should not remarry if their fathers pass away.

The conversation started after Twitter user, Sandra Ezekwesili tweeted about wanting her mother to remarry after she questioned why boys/men are more likely to be hostile to the idea of their mothers dating/remarrying after their fathers die.

Her post reads;

”Watching Elevator Baby.

Why are boys/men more likely to be hostile to the idea of their mothers dating/remarrying after their fathers die? My mom and I talked about popci today and she mentioned missing him telling her she looked good.”

Nigerian men started reacting to the controversial post stating why they their mothers should not remarry should their fathers die.

See a few reactions below…

”Man I can’t stand the thought of my mom remarrying or dating. She can’t try it sha, she knows the kind of kids she raised and what they inherited from their father” – Alex Chigoziri Edward wrote.

Another man @Preside1982 wrote:

”If my dad kicks the bucket, the thought of remarrying should not even come close to her thinking faculty. She is certainly not going to retain my dad’s home if she does.

All my dad’s legacies could be compromised as a result. It threatens the unity of the family, diversifies & divides her motherly attention. The man could by virtue of an emotional infatuation, cause her to derail.”

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However, another Nigerian man used the opportunity to announce that his mom is in need of a companion. He wrote:

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”I want a companion for my mom, she is in her 60s…if you have a dad that is a widower or divorced and rich…Reach out to me, we can be step brothers and sisters.”

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