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TTC Mums: See How Wrong Timing Of Sex May Be Why You Aren’t Pregnant Yet

Fertility struggles takes its toll on many women, and can significantly rub off negatively on their marriages, social relationships and self-confidence but again, it is possible that many mums aren’t getting pregnant because of something as simple as wrong timing of sex.

A Nigerian physician, identified simply  as Dr Bright took to Twitter to educate TTC women about how ignorance could be the only bump in their path to achieving pregnancy. The doctor shared about the case of a couple who though were medically sound struggled to conceive for 5 years only because sex wasn’t timed properly.

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He explained that some infertility cases are totally preventable as he went on to shed light on how timing sex rightly can enhance fertility.

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D time wey u take sleep with your spouse mata if you wan get belle. E get why. It’s a thread.

Knowing your menstrual cycle is a key component of getting pregnant Couples suffer inability to conceive (infertility) bc of simple tings that are truly preventable by just having information U aren’t getting pregnant becos u probably are making love d wrong way, time or place

There is only a day(24hrs) in d menstrual cycle when an egg is available for fertilization. If d purpose for intercourse is to get pregnant, it is important that u master this day. The shortest and longest menstrual cycles being 21 and 37 days respectively.

Remember also, that a cycle begins with a menstrual bleed and ends when another cycle begins. Usually, sexual intercourse is possible on any day in the menstrual cycle. Though it is quite messy, some persons are able to tolerate sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Pregnancy however is not possible on every day in the menstrual cycle as we earlier have said. When then should you make out if you want to be pregnant? An egg is released usually at the mid of the menstrual cycle.

Depending on the length of your cycle, it could range from day 11 to day 19. However, while the life span of the egg is 24hrs, the sperm is able to last 6days.

Meaning for a 28days cycle with release of egg likely to occur on the 15th day, a Sex act done on the 9th day is still capable of ending in a pregnancy.

Intercourse 24hrs after an egg has been released is unlikely to end in anything. Also, some lubricants used during sexual intercourse are spermicidal ie having capacity to kill the sperm cell, thereby preventing a couple from achieving the goal of getting pregnant.

That is will be a wrong way to make out if d reason is to make babies. The importance having d right information around your menstrual cycle and getting pregnant cannot be overemphasised.

There is a chunk of patients suffering from infertility whom all they needed is to twerk their cycle to be in tandem with when their spouse is available to have sex. My last patient was married for 5yrs without conceiving.

Upon evaluation, all we found was that d husband was always around when there was no egg to fertilise. & all d treatment they had was to correct this.

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