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Newborn Care: Doctor Nonso Egemba Tells Parents Why They Should Avoid Mentholatum & Other Practices

A medical practitioner Dr. Chinoso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor has shared vital information to benefit parents caring for their newborns. The Twitter-famous doctor in a short thread shared information with parents about widespread but harmful practices in caring for newborns in Nigeria.

Egemba warned parents against the use of Mentholatum on babies as it could cause them to develop jaundice. If your baby is cold, wrap them in warm clothes instead, he advised.

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He warned also against putting camphor around newborns as that could damage their blood cells. He warned against lifting them from their hands or even kissing them.

Here’s what he shared:

Don’t use mentholatum on babies, it could cause jaundice If they are cold, wrap them Don’t yank or carry children from their hands, you can easily dislocate their elbows, lift from the armpits Don’t put camphor around newborns, could damage blood cells DON’T KISS BABIES.

See his original post:

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