How An Encounter With An ‘Agbero’ Probably Saved Lois Truly From Her Depression

A Nigerian woman identified as Lois Truly has narrated how a street tout, popularly known as ‘Agbero’ saved her from falling off the edge at a time when she was depressed.

Taking to her Twitter page, @loistruly revealed that she was going through a tough time after quitting her job and becoming homeless.

The life-changing encounter came on the day Lois had gone to watch a play, with the hopes that it might help her get over her depression at the time. Done watching the play, she was heading home when her paths crossed with an ‘Agbero’ with whom she ended up dancing on the street.

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That awkward experience, Lois said, somehow reversed her gloomy perception of life at the time and has to date saved her from depression.


Late 2019, I’d just quit my 9-5 job after just 5 months (longest job I ever held). I was homeless and hating being a burden to my friend (bless you, D!). I was struggling to not be depressed but that week was hardddd!

After enduring a shitty Monday to Friday, I logged on here and saw @ _PLICE ‘s giveaway tweet. I applied and won a ticket to see a play (MAN ENOUGH) at Terra Kulture in VI. I decided to go instead of drowning in my sadness. I saw the beautiful play and it lifted my spirit a bit.

I was still in a dark place, but I decided I was done being sad. I started playing Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the feeling and walking down from Terra Kulture to Eko hotel roundabout because my money would finish if I didn’t walk.

By the time I got to the major road, the music hit and I started singing and walking to the beat. I sing and dance on the road (life is too short not to). Anyhoo few seconds later and Agbero who had just finished cussing someone saw me, and I performed to him. He laughed at me

But few steps later, I felt him by my side, and I wanted to see what he’d do, so I smiled at him. This uncle joined me. I had earpiece on, but I was dancing to the beat so he started emulating every step I was coming you with . I swear I felt like I was in a movie

And like that we started dancing to ‘Can’t stop the feeling’, bumping our hips in some places. Everyone turned and wondered what was wrong with us. Some motorists stopped but I was determined to not be sad anymore so I kept dancing. The Agbero had a blast as his guys hailed him

We got to Eko Hotel roundabout, stopped dancing and started laughing at ourselves. We were absolutely out of breath and I was surrounded by Agberos but it was the most beautiful moment I ever had in Lagos.

Few minutes later, he led me by hand to the other side of the road, stopped a keke and paid for me. Just before he left, I stopped him and said Thank You. That Agbero may not have known what he did for me that day but dancing with me probably saved me from depression.

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