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Filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere Adopts His Nanny As His Mother | Here’s Why

Nigerian filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere has reunited with the nanny that raised him as a child and says he has now adopted her as his mother. Chikere took to Instagram to share photos of himself and the nanny – Maureen, saying he did not go through any form of meanness from her while she cared for him many years ago.

Recounting some childhood memories his nanny relayed to him, the filmmaker said it made him emotional and also made him feel like his late mum came back alive.

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Chikere wrote:

This woman here “carried” me when I was a baby. She was my Nanny. So we met!!!

And she told me stories of how I would pee n poo on her as a baby. It was sooo emotional for me..felt like my late mum came back alive..

When we parted I knew I d adopted a new mum. I ve seen what many nannies do to kids these days…

I didn’t go through any of that meaness in your hands. Just have to say, GOD BLESS YOU, AUNTY MAUREEN

Will make sure you don’t lack

See his original post:

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