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Medical Practitioner, Dr. Bayo Olufunwa Proffers Measures To Quell The Effects Of COVID-19

A specialist, Dr. Bayo Olufunwa, has suggested measures to quell the effects of coronavirus (COVD-19) ravaging the world, to reduce mortality rates in Nigeria.

The expert maintained that the best treatment would be a combination of drugs that can kill the virus and at the same time stop it from causing severe effects of difficulty in breath and shortness of breath, Daily Sun reports.

According to him, another panacea would be the administrator of any drug that would stem the inflammation (cytokine storm) which makes the immune system in the body overactive leading to damage of organs in the body.

He also added that vitamin C that can stop hypocalcemic effects from affecting the brain and heart should also be administered. He noted that the dosage for this is between four and twelve grams. He said:

”There is a thought that an attack on the endothelium cells blood vessel (inner lining blood vessel) can lead to blood clot which can sometimes coagulant /block the heart- causing stroke, so we can have anticoagulant that can stop the blood clot, (though I’m still making research on this).

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But when there is very low calcium in the blood it disrupts the system of blood clotting and can result to blood drought /drop, there may be a way for calcium to maintain the blood from clotting through.”

Dr Olufunwa stressed that medical practitioner can administer vitamin C or any other blood acidifier at a difficult period and maintain blood pillage at normal, with the acidifier; there can never be a cancer. He maintained:

“Patients should be given acidifier and other drug mentioned, and this will go a long way. When I was developing my product I discovered that my product at that time, I couldn’t get calcium because I wanted to include it.

I was still searching for the calcium compound but couldn’t get it, and in the process, I used the product to treat what was regarded as calcium deficiency because it contained acidifier.

Later I got the patho- genesis of how the disease is being established, then I realized that it was not any calcium deficiency but the deficiency is that the fact that the calcium irons have been bounded by blood proteins and when you give an acidifier the calcium is released back to the blood circulation and it banishes the effects of ironic hypocalcemia.

Of course there is a difference between ironic hypocalcemia and ordinary hypocalcemia, you can use ordinary calcium compound to treat the virus but the calcium compound that has been used both human at birth has been working for ironic problems because the calcium they are using are acidic compound, that is why many of them have not really know.

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“If they have been using that calcium and it has not been giving them results, when there is ironic hypocalcemia it can damage the brain and heart and it has been confirmed that there is ironic glycemia in COVD-19 patients.”

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