Girl Child Who Rewarded Her Parents Faith In Her Earns The Love Of Online Users After She Shared Her Remarkable Story

A woman has narrated how she rewarded her parents for investing in her education, despite advice from people who told them that a girl child education was a waste and will only benefit her in-laws. @NqobaKonkhe said her father was a security guard in a company before being promoted to a supervisor. His new position allowed him to put one of his children in the company’s private school.

The man chose his first child, a girl, to go to the private school. However, people advised him against it and told him to pick his son because the girl will most likely get married or pregnant before finishing school.Her parents ignored the advice and allowed her to continue to a private high school.

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While in high school, friends of her parents warned them not to invest any further in her education because according to them, their daughter will be used to better another family, not theirs. But her parents ignored them again.

The opposite turned out to be the case. Her brothers started having children and couldn’t help the family much so the daughter who they put through school started working during university to provide for her family as her dad got retrenched and her mum resigned due to ill health.

She said she saved up enough and started sending her siblings to school, one after the other She also bought a car for her parents to use in selling vegetables so that they could provide for her nephews while she used her income to see her siblings through school.

She said she saw her brother through high school, paid for her sister’s nursing school and paid for another of her sisters to go to college.

She added that last Saturday was her father’s 70th birthday and she surprised him by buying him the car he always wanted. She said that he was emotional as he prayed for her and thanked God for validating the decision they made to send her to school when everyone else said it was a waste.

Siziba’s remarkable story has now earned her the praise and love of online users, after her tweets were engaged by thousands of people.

Read her tweets below:

When I was 5 my dad was promoted into a position that allowed him the benefit of putting 1 child in the company private school.

He had been a security guard, to supervisor, and mom worked at PEP. I was their 1st child together and entering school so I got the opportunity.

Their friends said it was a waste, I would fall pregnant before I finished and family agreed.

When I was in a private High school they told my parents I would marry and use their investment in another family and they really should have given their sons the opportunity not me.

I finished school, when I was in varsity I started sending 75% of my allowance home to make sure my parents were sorted.

Mom retired due to illness and I covered for her and we all went to the market to make ends meet.

Dad got retrenched and it was on me, my brothers were having kids and couldn’t help my parents much.

After varsity I paid for my baby brother to finish high school and my sister in nursing college with the help of her husband. When she finished my other sister wnet to college and I paid for her too.

I bought my parents a car to keep selling vegetables and support my nephews while I covered my siblings.

I borrowed and lived on very little to make sure all 4 younger siblings were okay. God blessed and carried me when I didn’t get paid enough to do all this but each year everyone went to school.

This weekend my dad cried becuse I drove into his yard in my first car. I am 1 installment away from finishing my sister’s college fees.

He weeped and in his prayers for me he just kept thanking God for validating the decision they made about me when everyone said it was a waste.

I have never been as happy as I was Saturday wishing him a Happy 70th Birthday with the car he has been wishing I would buy over the years while I insisted that I would have my turn when I was done with my siblings, my 1st loves.

I know God and he has orchestrated my whole life.

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