Dear MIMsters: Is My Man’s Ego A Red Flag?

My man’s ego is out of this world and always finds it hard to appreciate me. Although he takes care of the kids and I, he’s the type who finds fault with me all the time, and he believes he’s right all the time.

I am currently a full-time house-wife but planning to start a new business soon. I have two kids.

We live in a big duplex where I do all the house chores myself whilst taking care of the kids alone, without help.

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Anytime I don’t feel too well and I ask hubby to help me out a little, wahala go start. He’ll tell me never to ask for his help because he does not ask me for help on what he does to take care of us and he’s not asking me to share the bills, so I shouldn’t ask him for any help in the house.

I’ll scream and shout that does he think it’s easy for me to take care of the house chores and two kids alone, cooking and so on.

He reported me to my parents that I want to turn him into a slave, that it’s not possible because he is a man bla bla bla. My parents had no choice but to tell me to leave him and continue with all the chores for peace to reign.

I do applaud him to his face for all he does to take care of us and I do let him know that I appreciate his hustle but the way, he says that it’s woman job alone and what is there to be appreciated hurts me a lot. I feel like he doesn’t appreciate all I do in the home at all.

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He sees the home clean all the time, kids well-fed and neat all the time, food ready, yet, he doesn’t appreciate me.

Sometimes, I will just need to hear the word,”well-done,” to cheer me up but no, it won’t come from him. Sometimes I will just burst into tears, and go emotional but my man will just ignore me, he won’t just care that I am tired .

Our wedding is fixed next month, and as I keep thinking of how un-romantic he is, I keep having mixed feelings about spending the rest of my life with such a man. A man who doesn’t know how to care for a woman’s feelings/emotions, who doesn’t know how to pamper his woman, and make her feel much appreciated. This behavior of his bothers me a lot.

He tells me to my face that he is not the romantic type of man, and he is not the Lovey-Dovey lover that I crave for, that all he knows is to provide for the family. I swear I do feel as if I am the one who loves him much than he does to me.

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I want to know, is this enough reason to quit with him or I should go ahead with the wedding and be enduring his “I don’t care attitude?”

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