Iroko TV Boss & Dad-Of-Three, Jason Njoku Reveals Why He Won’t Encourage Any Of His Children To Become Entrepreneurs

Jason Njoku, the CEO of iROKOtv and proud dad-of-three has revealed why he won’t encourage his children to become entrepreneurs.

The British-Nigerian start-up investor who noted that he wants his children to be happy said he won’t encourage them to be entrepreneurs because it is “super hard”.

Jason, in a tweet he shared, added that though entrepreneurship may make them rich, it will cause them unhappiness.

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The entrepreneur tweeted;

 “I want my kids to be happy. So definitely not encouraging this entrepreneurship path. Its super hard. It may make you rich (very unlikely) but it will more likely than not cause unhappiness. The deep kind. The kind that just grinds everything to dust. I think I need a 15km run.”

Entrepreneurship may make you rich but will cause you unhappiness - Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku reveals why he won

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