5 Easy Tips To Help You Raise A Responsible Child

The joy of every parent is to see that they are doing well at raising their child, and the goal is to raise children with a keen sense of duty who grow up into independent, self-sufficient, responsible adults.

Obvious as the intentions are, it takes real deliberate parenting to guide your child in the direction of helpful, cheerful and responsible living, starting early on.

Below are five tips to help you raise your child to become a responsible, self-sufficient adult:

1.) Assign Age Appropriate Tasks

Starting them young makes all the difference, and if your kids are going to grow into organised, responsible adults, it will be on you to help them start on the right footing.

From age two, you really can start to involve your child in helping with little activities around the house, like picking up littered toys and putting them in the appropriate box.

Toddlers can dust the furniture, while the older kids can sweep/ vacuum, or help in the kitchen, setting the dining table among other possible duties.

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2.) Commend Responsible Behaviour

Many parents do not pay much attention to what their kids are doing right, because that’s kind of what is expected of them anyway. Which means many kids get far more parental attention for negative behaviour than for positive.

However, commending positive behaviour not only rewards kids, it also helps them learn what they can do in a similar situation to earn that commendation again.

Effective reinforcement can take the form of simple praises and acknowledgement of  your child’s good behavior like: “when you assist in cleaning the tables after meals without me asking , it shows me you’re really kind and considerate.”

This helps your child stay cheerful fulfilling assigned responsibilities, and open to learning even more.

3.) Respond Logically To Your Child’s Behaviour

The duty of raising your child to be responsible does not have to be forced. Many parents wrongly attempt to impose responsible behaviour on their kids.

Be calm and deliberate in responding to your child’s lack of compliance.

Instead, systematically provide appropriate consequences to the child’s behaviour, like doing the chore the child was supposed to do at a time that interferes with something the child wanted you to do.

4.) Avoid Constant Rewards

Although, a job well done deserves praise. You should be careful to use reward tools wisely.

Rewards should not be constant, otherwise they become something your child feels entitled to, before they can carry out responsibilities.

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5.) Kindness

Kindness is a very essential tool when dealing with children, and it will take a while before your kids master their assigned responsibilities or understand the importance of many of those duties.

Your guidance and patience will provide the nurturing space for your children to develop this important life skill, and they will be encouraged to fulfill their duties when you are kind and not piling undue pressure on them.

Kindness beautifies everything, therefore pick your battles and be reminded that your task of raising a responsible child will not be done overnight.

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