Colourful, Pictorial Books Can Motivate Your Child To Read- Children Books Author, Damilola Akinyele-Dosunmu

A children books author, Damilola Akinyele-Dosunmu, has said colourful and pictorial books will help increase children’s interest in reading.

Akinyele-Dosunmu who has authored over 15 books which are read in schools in Ogun State said children were naturally attracted to colourful books with captivating pictures.

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She said reading helps in mental development of the child.

Introducing reading from the cradle, even from pregnancy, as studies showed that it enhances listening and reading capacity of the foetus.

Colourful books make reading fun all the way  and it helps monitor their reading culture and filling the gaps where and when necessary.

Reading helps personality development in children, it increases their knowledge, stimulates their creativity, builds their literary talent, improves their communication skills, draws them towards perfection, helps them to make good or have more choices.

Reading increases their attention span, entertains their minds, it takes them to intellectual environment, it helps them feel the world around them without having to travel and it helps in achieving their life goals easily,”

she said.

She explained that she wished to educate and influence school children with her writing.

“Based on my flair for writing and the need to pass across knowledge and experiences about life, I decided to write for school pupils so as to educate them, increase their knowledge and keep them informed,

she said.

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