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”If you suffer with any man, you’re dead on arrival”- Relationship Expert, Sola Adio Explains In His Advice To Women

A Nigerian dad and pastor, who is also a relationship expert hopes to correct a popular but ‘wrong’ notion that women and society have regarding relationships. Sola Adio whose opinions on relationships are quite revered in many circles advised ladies against the virtue-signalling behaviour of ‘suffering’ with a man.

According to the married dad,  there’s no virtue in suffering with a man and that women are not even supposed to suffer with any man. In his view, any woman who commits herself to suffering with a man is dead on arrival and useless to a rich man.

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Sola who shared his views via his Twitter page opined that women are not to stand by, suffering with a man to help him achieve his goals; instead the relationship should be one of support that ensures the growth of both the man and the woman in a relationship.

Read his full post below:

“I think the mindset on this street is wrong. You are not to suffer with any man. If you see yourself suffering with a man, you are dead on arrival and you also are useless to a rich man.

You are to grow with the man, i.e. you grow, he grows. Problem is you lack ambition to grow.”

I had nothing but a vision when I proposed to my wife. I didn’t invite her to come & suffer with me. I invited her to come on a glorious journey together.

We are still enjoying every inch of the way even when I was too broke to buy a car wifi. We played our tape recorder happily.

I wouldn’t have let anyone come into my life, who thinks they are about suffering with me. It only just means that you expect me to fail.

I wouldn’t have wasted my life with anyone who lacked ambition to succeed but planned to suffer.

Saying that you suffered with a man or that you may suffer with a man is not down to the man in question.

It is down to your lack of vision and ambition to succeed. Marrying a rich man wouldn’t help either. Your mentality is toxic and you will destroy him as you have no ambition.

See the original thread below:

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