Filmmaker, Jade Osiberu Talks Tough On What She Thinks Feminism Is & What It Is Not

Nollywood filmmaker, Jade Osiberu has shared her two cents on exactly what she feels feminism is and what it is not.

The filmmaker took to her Twitter handle to categorically state that feminism is not about women’s rights to toxic behavior without consequences.

Jade Osiberu who averred that trash behavior should be addressed regardless of gender, added that matching dysfunction and toxicity is a personal war and not feminism. The ‘Sugar Rush’ writer admonished folks that they cannot afford to become the problem they’re trying to solve.

Though she came under heavy criticism for her stance, Jade isn’t backing down.

She tweeted;

”What feminism is NOT about: women’s rights to toxic behavior without consequences. Trash behavior should be addressed regardless of gender.

There’s evidently a Twitter camp for whom logic is a challenge. Equality in opportunities and human dignity is what feminism is about. Trying to match dysfunction and toxicity is your personal war not feminism. You cannot become the problem you are trying to solve.

Apparently I’m a disgrace to womanhood for stating exactly what feminism is. It feels like my tweet dragged out the most intellectually challenged people on twitter. Make it make sense lord.”

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