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6 Days After Losing Her Brother, Grieving Nigerian Woman, Sally Suleiman Begs Divorced & Widowed Dads To Think Twice Before Committing To Another Woman

A young Nigerian woman named Sally Suleiman, who is mourning the death of her brother took to Twitter today to beg widowed and divorced men with children not to marry ‘useless women’. On September 2, Sally received news that her immediate elder brother, Ahmad, had died and since then, Sally shares that ”her life has not been the same.”

The Middlesex University graduate and humanitarian came out from mourning on Friday to advise divorced and widowed men to always put their children first and not marry women that will ”divide the family and make him them hate their children.”

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She shared that she and her deceased brother were only children when their mother passed away and seemed to suggest that there was some trouble with either her father taking another wife or that her deceased brother had a second marriage that brought untold hardship on the existing family.

“The reason I am crying today is that I don’t have a mother.

I don’t have a mother that would fight for me.

I don’t have a mother that would stand up for me.

If my mother was alive there are so many things that won’t have happened”

she mourns.

It’s not clear if her passionate appeal has anything to do with her deceased brother or any other family member.

She wrote;

“Dear Men I’m begging you with God. Like I’m on my knees begging. If you have a child and you are divorced or widowed please don’t marry a useless woman.

Don’t marry a woman that will divide the family. Be sensitive to things. Your children comes first before any woman.”

“A woman that segregates the children. Make you hate your own children and treat them badly is not a woman you should live with.

If she treats her own children better than the children from your divorced or dead wife then please she doesn’t deserve to be in your house,”

She also advised widowed and divorced men seeking to take second wives not to allow ‘wet vagina’ and Kaya Mata rule their brains and to immediately abort the mission.

“Keep your penis in one place least you meet women that will destroy you and your family”

To the ‘witches’ trying to enrich themselves by marrying rich men who already have families, she said:

“God already gave you hands.Use your hand and work for your own money”

See screenshots from the rest of her tweets below:


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