Inspirational: American Mum/Professor, Sharon Cannon Shares Uplifting Message With Women On Why Feeling Old Should Not Stop Their Dreams

An American mum and teacher, Sharon Cannon has shared an inspirational post that she hopes will help people gain more courage to follow their dreams despite age. Cannon who shared practical advice with other late bloomers like herself on her Twitter page, revealed that she had her first child at the age of 39, earned a PhD at the age of 45, and won a teachers award at the age of 61.

The professor said that she has concerns that people do not live to their full potentials because of the uncomfortable feeling that they may be too old for some pursuits.

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Sharon shared that her post was particularly directed to ageing women and she wants women to be see themselves as wise and wonderful, to never talk themselves out of fulfilling their live dreams on account of being old.

Sharon said also she hopes that her post awakens the consciousness of the society to not dismiss a job applicant on the basis of their age.

Read what she wrote:

I hope you know you’re never too old to do anything. Had my daughter at 39. Earned my Ph.D. at 45. Won a teaching award at 61. Yeah—I’m that old, and I rock!

Stop the bias about age—and particularly about aging women. We are wise and wonderful!

I have a couple of goals with this tweet:

1. Don’t talk yourself out of trying something because of your age.

2. Don’t dismiss a job applicant based on thinking the person is too old.

Another user, Denise Porter wrote:

So agree, it is never too late. Had my 4th child at nearly 46. Was the first in my family to graduate at 62.

Would loved to have done a Masters but not enough money, tough sometimes as a single mum.

Will be forever grateful for my education, best thing I ever did for myself.

User, Katie Watson also shared

This is so important – so many people’s plans are delayed because of income inequality, the rising cost of everything from college to housing, starting a family, COVID. It’s not too late to do your thing!

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