Model, Jen Atkin Who Lost 51kg To Be Crowned Miss Britain Speaks On Why Fat People Should Be Given Tough Love

A model who lost eight stone (almost 51kg) on her way to being crowned Miss Great Britain has said it is not “fat-shaming” to call overweight people “obese”. Jen Atkin, who used to weigh in at 18 stone before slimming down dramatically, criticized people for being “way too easily offended”, suggesting that telling fat people about their obesity can be helpful to them.

The 26-year-old spoke out after finding out that the British Psychological Society is advising people against using the word “obese”, asking them to use, instead, the words “living with obesity”.

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Atkin revealed her horror at this and said the word “obese” is what spurred her to lose weight.

Model who lost 8st to be crowned Miss Great Britain says it

Jen Atkin before losing weight

Jen said that “hiding terms” like “burn off last night’s pizza” would only worsen Britain’s obesity crisis with almost two thirds of UK adults overweight. The model from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, said:

I think it’s going to encourage people to eat more calories and not keep track of what they’re eating and therefore end up overweight or obese.

It’s just avoiding the issue completely.

Trust me, I have been fat shamed in the past and this is not fat shaming. Calories are in food and we need calories to survive.

We need to educate people on healthy living.

Atkin is keen to promote a healthy lifestyle after her remarkable weight loss, which came about over a two-year period with regular visits to the gym. She was named Miss Scunthorpe before going on to compete for the title of Miss England in 2018, where she finished as first runner-up.

She briefly retired from competing in pageants after getting married but gave it one more shot when her name was put forward to represent Great Britain.

In March 2020 she was named the 75th Miss Great Britain.

Model who lost 8st to be crowned Miss Great Britain says it

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