“Why It Amounts To A ‘Monumental Mistake’ For The Rich To Marry The Poor According To Nigerian Writer, Praise George

A Nigerian writer named Praise George has said it is a “monumental mistake” for people from different social classes to get married. He pointed out the different approaches to life between the rich and the poor portends issues in marriage that love is incapable of solving.

According to George, rich people and poor people think and act differently towards money, and marriages between the rich and the poor usually end over money issues.

He wrote:

If you are rich, do not marry the poor. It would be a monumental mistake. 

If your plan to get rich is to marry a rich spouse, you may never get out of poverty, but you may also become a slave.

Marriage is not a poverty alleviation program.

It is foolish to bring zero value to a relationship but expect your partner to rescue you.

Money will be an issue.

The poor think scarcity.

The rich think abundance.

The poor have zero money making habits.

There are problems love cannot solve. This is one of them.

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He added:

“90% of all the marriages between the rich and the poor are destroyed by money issues.

If you both are on the same level, you will handle the marriage better than when one partner has all the resources.

It usually breeds resentment, envy and anger.”

See his original post below:

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