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Actress, Etinosa Idemudia Blames The Absence Of This Foundation For The Increasing Collapse Of Marriages | Do You Agree With Her?

Actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia has taken to her Instagram page to share her thoughts on why marriages are failing these days. In the actress’s view, couples are skipping a crucial aspect of laying the foundation for a sustainable future together.

Etinosa, in her Instagram post, blamed the growing rates of failed marriages on couples skipping the talking stage and getting caught up with having sex and other frivolities.

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The actress maintained that marriages are harder today because couples miss the opportunity to know each other better.

In her words:

“Marriages are harder today because you guys skip talking stage.

When you should really discuss every important issue and get to know how you both reason, your values and ideologies in life, compare notes and gain confidence in each others personalities and in your bond you guys are busy doing choke me choke me scream my name. 

You marry, small negative intrusions you guys begin to doubt each other, suspect and compete with each other.

Small thing seed of discord has entered your midst. You cannot vouch for your partner because you never knew the person in the first place.

Anything you hear you start to investigate your own partner. You can’t even fill a form for your own partner because you don’t know them the well. It is a shame!”

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