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Muma Gee’s Ex-Husband, Prince Eke Makes Public The Messages The Mum-of-3 Allegedly Sent Him As Proof That She Lied In Her Explosive Interview

Prince Eke has released messages his ex-wife Muma Gee allegedly sent to him two years ago in a bid to clear his name and dispute the recent claims she made in the press. Muma Gee had claimed in a recent interview that Prince, with whom she has three children, woke up one morning and left the marriage (read here).

She also made other claims, including that she put her music career on hold to build her family. However, Prince Eke has slammed her claims. He pointed out inconsistencies in her story and claimed this is because she is lying.

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Countering allegations that she put her music career on hold for him, Prince said he sponsored her music career with his money while they were still married and recently loaned her money for her recent music project. He claimed she used the money he loaned her to organize interviews and slander him when she had previously sent him reconciliation messages where she allegedly admitted to tarnishing his image as a get back.

He accused her of spreading lies about him just to publicize her project. He pointed out that years ago, Muma Gee claimed she left their marriage because he proposed to multiple women only for her to now claim in her viral interview that he is the one who left the marriage.

Prince Eke releases messages allegedly sent by ex-wife Muma Gee to ask him for forgiveness as he accuses her of

He added that he is responsible for the mum-of-three’s house rent and other bills.

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