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Chance The Rapper’s Wife, Kirsten’s Brutal Honesty About Their Imperfect Family Is One Reason To Love Her

Chance the Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett‘s recent post real about her imperfect family and marriage is nothing but real.

On Tuesday, mother of two posted a fall-themed family portrait to Instagram featuring the musician, whose name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett and professionally goes by the moniker Chance the Rapper, and their two daughters, Kensli and Marli.

The 27-year-old momma captioned the captivating photo with a message to her followers letting them know that while the pictures might look flawless, they are not “the perfect family.” According to Kirsten, marriage is difficult and it will be irresponsible of her to say otherwise.

Explaining her point, she said marriage ‘forces you to confront A LOT of parts of yourself you didn’t know were there.. especially in this season of being home way more than we’re used to.’

Below is her full post…

“I hope you see two imperfect human beings who are doing their best to cultivate a home rooted in Love & Grace. Marriage is difficult. It would be irresponsible to say otherwise, or give ya’ll the impression that it’s a walk in the park.

It forces you to confront A LOT of parts of yourself you didn’t know were there.. especially in this season of being home way more than we’re used to lol but I believe it is worth it, when you both commit to doing the inner work. A reminder to stand in gratitude, for the family we have created. flaws & all.”

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Fans applauded the former model for her transparency, especially on social media where people’s lives can look so idyllic.

“Love how honest you are with your post and this picture is so beautiful love it,” one person said.

“Honesty and vulnerability about marriage inspires others. So beautiful,” another fan praised.

“Such a beautiful message,” a commenter wrote.

Kirsten and Chance have been married since 2019. They appeared together with their daughters on the September 2020 cover of Parenting Magazine. During his feature interview, Chance opened up about being at home with his family during the pandemic. In his word:

“It was tough not seeing my parents for months,” he admitted. “But for those of us who have not lost folks, and for whom the worst part is staying at the house, it’s been an opportunity to connect in a substantial way with our children and spouses.

The spring was more a time of reflection than keeping the community alive. It’s been an amazing growth point for me. Kensli and I do little arts-and-crafts projects. We did a volcano experiment, and we grew some sea monkeys. I built her a bike.

The tough part was putting the brakes on. Like, it’s actually one of the most difficult things I ever did, putting the brakes on the bike.”

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