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Celebrity Mum, Iyabo Ojo Shares The Hilarious Reason Her Recently Deceased Mum Hid Her True Age

Actress, Iyabo Ojo lost her mother over the weekend and announced that her mother died at age 67. In another update, the mum-of-two has now shared that her mother was indeed 69-years-old when she passed, but it is the reason why the late matriarch made her children believe she was younger than she truly was is what Iyabo says she finds hilarious.

A lot of women in this part of the world find it a tad embarrassing to be older than their husbands and Iyabo has revealed she is surprised to find that her mum had made the decision to hide her true age from her children because she was in fact older than their dad.

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She shared the update after she found the truth from her siblings.

Read Iyabo’s post below:

O my sweet mother even in your death you made me laugh so hard this morning.

I just found out from her siblings that she was 69 years old and not 67, as she always claimed.

She didn’t want us to know she was older than my late dad who would have been 68!

she could have claimed his age at least but no, she wanted us to believe she was much younger hence the 2 years gap.

Gosh! No wonder she never wanted any birthday party🤣

Cant wrap my head around the fact that she is gone

 I love you too much mama, Continue to rest on……..

Iyabo Ojo discovers her mother

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