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HIV-Positive Nurse, Angela Motsusi, Reveals How She’s Been Keeping Her Partner Safe Despite Having Unprotected Intercourse

A South African nurse who is HIV positive, has revealed how she’s been keeping her partner safe from the virus. According to Angela Motsusi, HIV patients who take their ARVs daily, attend all clinic appointments, and do blood checks as scheduled are safe of have sex with a negative partner.

She shared in her Facebook post that her partner is negative, even though she is positive with the virus. She shared that if all HIV-positive patients follow strict medical guidance, they would have a suppressed viral load and cannot sexually transmit the virus to their partners safe thereby.

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She wrote;

Living testimonies of #UequalsU , it’s simple really, if you are HIV positive, take your ARVs daily and attend all your clinic appointments and do blood checks as scheduled, by taking your treatment everyday you will be virally suppressed and with a sustained, suppressed viral load you CANNOT sexually transmit HIV to your partner, I am positive and he is negative. #normalizinghivchallenge #uequalsusouthafrica

See a screenshot of Angela’s post below:

Nurse who is HIV positive reveals how she

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