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Reality Star, Leo DaSilva’s Recommendation To Young Men On Smart Dating Choices

Reality show star, Leo Dasilva has waded into a conversation centered on men refusing to date women who are not financially stable. Leo gave dating advice to men after a lady- Wendy Osuji took to Twitter to broach the subject of men complaining about dating women who aren’t financially stable.

Wendy who disclosed that she’s a student had tweeted;

I’ve seen tweets from guys saying they can’t date a girl that’s not financially stable. I’m a student. But never, like never have I felt attacked by such tweets.

What’s actually up with some guys on Twitter?

What I want must not make sense to you. It’s choice boo.

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Reacting to the lady’s tweet, Leo stated that it’s a smart choice for young men to refuse to date jobless women. He added that guys should have their own preferences just as women have theirs.

He tweeted in response;

Guys should have their own preference just as women have theirs. Dating someone that’s not working or doesn’t have adequate allowance is a burden.

Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world, if a young man trying to come up refuses that burden,

I think it’s a smart choice.

See a screenshot of the exchange below:


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